Several New Faces

Several new faces have appeared around the lab. A warm welcome to Manuvesh, Zhisheng, Yangzheng and Huiyang! Check out the People section to learn more.

Stevce Stefanoski joins the lab

Stevce Stefanoski joins the Geophysical Laboratory this week from the University of South Florida as a new postdoctoral associate. Stevce will be working on synthesis and physical characterization of carbon materials.

New paper on silicon clathrates Published in Crystal Growth & Design

Silicon is the heart of modern electronics, in both pure element and compound forms. It is also one of the few elements capable of forming chemical analogs of gas hydrates, or clathrates—structures that form cages or networks that trap appropriately sized guest atoms.

Tungsten takes on hydrogen

The low solubility of hydrogen in tungsten has led to its use as a gasket material to seal hydrogen in diamond anvil cell experiments at high pressures. This story, reported in J. Phys.: Condens.

New paper on H2S+H2 accepted in PRL

In a combined experimental / theoretical effort, our new new paper on H2S+H2 was just accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters. In this work we demonstrate the formation of a "guest-host" type molecular compound.

Oleksandr Kurakevych joins the lab

Oleksandr Kurakevych arrived at the Geophysical Laboratory on October 18, 2011 from the Institute for Mineralogy and Condensed Matter Physics, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) in France. He specializes in high-pressure chemistry and joins us as a postdoctoral associate.

Strobel recieves 2011 Jamieson Award in Mumbai

Carnegie's Geophysical Laboratory's newest staff member, Timothy Strobel, will be given the prestigious Jamieson Award on September 26, 2011, from the International Association for the Advancement of High Pressure Science and Technology in Mumbai, India.